Concerning the case against
LTC Allen B. West
4th Infantry Division, Iraq
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Allen West for Congress

The case against LTC West has concluded

He was fined $5,000 by NJP Article 15. The Federalist, "The Conservative E-Journal of Record," has offered to cover the $5,000 fine in total. Your free subscription to and financial support of The Federalist (now dba The Patriot Post) is hereby encouraged.


The pages linked here concern the case against Lt. Col. Allen B. West, 4th Infanry Division, Iraq.

Col. West is charged under Article 128 of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) for "Aggravated Assault" for his handling of an Iraqi detainee who was being interrogated as a suspect in former and planned ambush, bombing and sniper activities against US troops -- in particular, Col. West's troops of the 2nd Bn., 20th Field Artillery Regiment operating around Tikrit, a stronghold of Saddam loyalists.


Allen West For Congress web site
Despite all indications that Col. West's actions (firing his pistol AWAY from the interrogatee and scaring him into giving up two other Saddam loyalist thugs), thwarted what had been demostrated in previous enounters as being lethal engagements,  the Army saw fit to offer Col. West a "broken sword" early out or face a courts martial.

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